Art Gall Expo and Originally Crafted Events at NYFW

Art Gall Expo and Originally Crafted Events at NYFW
Art Gall Expo and Originally Crafted Events at NYFW

Rosaida Gonzalez Foundation Helps Sponsor Art Gall Expo & Originally Crafted Events at NYFW 2023 with Pantone Vivid Magenta Production 

The Originally Crafted Art Gall Expo New York Fashion Week 2023, Pantone Vivid Magenta inspired production is the first show in NYFW HISTORY to be held north of Washington Heights. The event took place at Art Spaces new location in New York, NY on February 11th, 2023.

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Our Producers of the Show NYFW Vivid Magenta Edition in honor of Pantone color of the Year 2023. Ceo & Founder of Art Gall Expo, Meliza Ruby A & Ceo & Founder of OCE, Valerie Bruno

This community inclusive event has support from several city council members, including Carmon De La Rosa who were in attendance along with the local Sheriff and precinct. Honoring the color of the year, Pantone representatives were in attendance to watch and experience the show for themselves. 

Inspiration was experienced firsthand with our incredible lineup of designers, performers and models with our Pantone inspired Vivid Magenta atmosphere. This was a night hosted by Arlette Borrelly, DJ'd by DJ Peluche, and filled with industry professionals, artists, and individuals alike.

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Our Backstage Makeup Team, Crystal & Fairy Kary

Fusing fashion, dance, and Pantone's color of the year, vivid magenta, what was created was an unforgettable night. In-between our designer lineup, there were two ballet dance performances byPassion Fruit Dance Company along with two other ballet dance performances by Carlos Gomez and Joselyne Salomon. Drinks and a few other surprises were in store!

This show was a collaborative event with individuals from all over the globe with different backgrounds and upbringings, giving the show and community a feeling of inclusivity with individuality. From designers and performers who have international recognition to more novel local artists, our show was dedicated to helping all individuals showcase their talents.

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Our talented Dominican Artist Aileen Ros performing at the fashion show.

Art Gall Expo partnered with OCE because they also help bring something different to people when it comes to how they experience shows and events. When you find another company who loves to collaborate with other businesses, artists, and individuals to not only bring experiences to guests, but to help showcase their work, is what makes producing a show for the local communities that much easier. Being able to collaborate, work with, and even give back to local fashion schools and other community-based programs is what motivates and inspires us to do what we do. 

Giving opportunities for guidance and mentoring, showing them what is possible and what they might be capable of in this business if they choose to follow their passions is something we strive for in our productions. Which is why we are not only thrilled to have Rosaida Gonzalez Foundation as a sponsor for the show but also her Rosaida Gonzalez RD collection in our designer lineup. Everything she stands for and is a part of we admire and look forward to building a more beautiful and inclusive world with her and her foundation!

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A runway full of talented designers: Rosaida Gonzalez from Dominican Republic, Emmas Design from Colombia, Tahanee from Boston, Forever Lavi from Miami, Montecci from Dominican Republic with stores in New Jersey, many more Dance performance choreographed by the talented Carlos Gomez and Joselyne Salomon making the opening worth your while!

We want to be able to open a door not only to experienced individuals, but new designers, performers, dancers, artists, and businesses of all kinds to have a platform to showcase what they have to offer. From our collective network of designers, photographers, radio/ media outlets, restaurants, and many other platforms, we have been and continue to be able to help artists and business in local communities make a name for themselves and continue to grow. 

Our designer lineup included: 

Wear Tulle | ft. Nairi Jewelry & Smile J. Urena

Forever Lavi | ft. Jagged Halo Jewelry, collab with Passion Fruit Dance Company - Tatiana D.


Emma's Designs

LM Swimwear

Rosaida Gonzalaz


Oceana Azul



Rosaida Gonzalez Foundation Jessica Haubert Styling Hillside Florist & Gifts

Salon Rosina 

Delta Car Trade Multitude Entertainment Montecci

Lynn NY



Carlos Gomez | Joselyne Salomon

Aileen Rosario | Natalia Hernandez | DJ Peluche | DJ Feo | Rickstar | Islena | Passion Fruit Dance Company

Hair & Makeup:

Crystal Selenett Barbra's Salon & Spa 


Arlette Borrelly - host Bryce Kylie 

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